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Rserve naturelle de Saint-Pryv-Saint-Mesmin : cormorans sur les rives de la Loire - C. Lazi

Mother Nature in the Loire Valley

You are in the very heart of the Loire Valley: this is the "untamed" Loire, the Loire listed as World Heritage by UNESCO for its cultural landscapes, the Loire and its stunning light which has inspired painters, writers and poets.
Have you ever bivouacked on an island just tow hours away from?
Have you ever seen a "toue" boat?
This region bathed by the river and its tributaries reveals treasures to look at, listen to and smell.

The Loire Valley is a haven for winged and four-legged creatures, rare orchids and carnivorous plants, and turtles from a bygone era. It is a place for exceptional encounters seen through binoculars from one of the many observatories, or in the company of a naturalist guide.

This secret, untamed nature is today protected by three regional nature parks:

Brenne, the land of a thousand lakes, Perche with its paths and their green hedgerows, and Loire-Anjou-Touraine, the jewel in the crown of the Loire Valley.

To the north of the river, Orléans Forest, France's biggest state-owned forest, is the domain of rare eagles.

In the south, Sologne nestles in the loop in the Loire River. Famous for its forests, open land and heather, it is Francersquo;s biggest water surface among the "continental wetlands of international importance".


La Brenne Hellio et Van Ingen