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Arboretum des Barres de Nogent-sur-Vernisson - Y. Wemare CRT Centre

Arboretum des Barres,

the forest of the five continents

This garden is an outstanding way of learning about forests and trees with the help of a welcoming team of enthusiasts. You will discover a multitude of species that the founders, the Vilmorin family, have brought back from their travels around the world over nigh on a century. Marvel at the originality of some trees (the handkerchief tree is a great classic) or at the hues they reveal through the seasons, their shapes, seeds and scents (caramel and chocolate among others). You can even take some original plants away with you, play with your children and instil a love for trees in them… or quite simply enjoy a restful break on the terrace after your stroll through the collections.

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Arboretum des Barres Cyclamens C. Vermillard
Arboretum des Barres Ginko Biloba C. Vermillard