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Chteau de Chenonceau C. Mouton CRT Centre

At Château de Chenonceau,

enjoy the gardens of Diane and Catherine

Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici have given their names to gardens at Château de Chenonceau. These two gardens are ideal spots for a walk or relaxation, with a multitude of shrubs, orange trees and climbing roses giving off heady scents.
Enjoy an entertaining moment getting lost in the maze (composed of over 2,000 yews). If you do lose your way, there is a raised platform in the middle from which you should be able to find the way out. If you can stay until late, a night-time visit of the gardens is a must with shadow and light creating a most romantic effect. Before leaving Chenonceau, drop into the flower shop with its highly decorative dried bouquets making for particularly scented souvenirs and gifts.

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Le Château de Chenonceau M. Jauneaud
Le Château de Chenonceau M. Jauneau