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Le Jardin du Chteau de Talcy C. Mouton CRT Centre

Château de Talcy,

a conservatory-orchard on a poetic backdrop

No roses but plenty of fruit of all kinds in the garden of Château de Talcy. Apples and pears are the stars of this conservatory-orchard, the result of a rehabilitation programme which started in 1996. The gardeners' enthusiasm in recreating this orchard and their exceptional skill at growing fruit trees can be appreciated all year long. Talcy also offers creative flower borders - renewed each year and always amazing. The number and variety of fruit makes your mouth water: cherries, plums, medlars, blackcurrants, blueberries, grapes... The imprint of the poet Pierre de Ronsard is ever-present on this Renaissance estate. Cassandra, the owner's daughter, inspired him in his famous ode: Mignonne, allons voir si la rose...

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Le jardin du château de Talcy J. Damase CRT Centre
Les Jardins du Château de Talcy J. Damase CRT Centre