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Festival International des Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire 2007 - M. Heller

Chaumont-sur-Loire Garden Festival:

a source of inspiration and magic

The International Garden Festival created in 1992 offers an annual tribute to garden design with a new theme each year.
These gardens of Eden are often strange or entertaining, sometimes futuristic or far-fetched. Imagine a garden where the trees are painted blue, very probably by Merlin. The branches of this incongruous forest are reflected in a lake, adding to the magic of the place. Let yourself be transported to another landscape with a spiral-shaped garden where tomatoes reign. Set out on scaffolding, they symbolise never-ending change as they grow, climb and change hues.
These astonishing gardens are all very different, ranging from the simplest to the most incredible, and offering visitors an invitation to discover new mysteries each year.

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Festival des Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire Jardin d'arbres Bleu Perdereau
Festival des Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire  Jardin Etant donné un jardin Perdereau