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Le festival de la Rose au Parc Floral Orlans la Source C. Mouton

La Source floral park:

relaxation, leisure and knowledge guaranteed

A garden set in the heart of the town, this park is ideal for families to relax and enjoy leisure activities. Enthusiasts of plant species will enjoy reading the educational and entertaining information about the flowers in the various gardens (irises, dahlias and roses, etc.), and about the semi-natural forest. Your kids can go on the little train, the "rosalies" (pedal vehicles) and the climbing games, or in the butterfly greenhouse, the big aviary... A curiosity not to be missed here: the Source du Loiret, a resurgence of the Loire.

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Le Parc Floral d'Orléans La Source C. Mouton
Le Parc Floral d'Orléans La Source C. Mouton