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Jardin Le Grand Courtoiseau C. Mouton CRT Centre

Le Grand Courtoiseau,

a writers' garden

This garden is an invitation to get away from it all. It is a place for writers: Hervé Bazin was one of the famous owners of this estate. Here he received many writers such as Jean d'Ormesson, Michel Tournier, Félicien Marceau, Emmanuel Robles... You can discover the yew topiaries, the flower borders with box-tree, the ponds and the statuary which enhances the façades of the house, the venerable driveway of lime-trees and the gently sloping orchard. The lapping of water accompanies your steps in this garden inspired by the memory of its illustrious guests.

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Le Jardin du Grand Courtoiseau Y. Wemaëre
Le Jardin du Grand Courtoiseau Y. Wemaëre