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Les Jardins artistiques de Drulon C. Mouton CRT Centre

The gardens of Drulon,

where flowers and sculptures grow

In the south of Berry, the artistic gardens of Drulon form a harmonious combination of art and nature. At the entrance to the estate, the "Woman Standing" greets you. It is one of the many contemporary sculptures exhibited in the gardens. These statues invite you to visit a whole host of unusual gardens: rosebushes and perennials are to be found in the first one. A theatre of greenery composes the Chambres Garden. In the Bacchus Garden, abundant vines brimming over with grapes tempt you. The Paeon Garden has a collection of peonies from China. In the interior courtyard, renamed the "Secret Garden", there is a restored fishpool. Take the path leading to the lake and the broom field: this is the Wild Garden.

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Les Jardins artistiques de Drulon Y. Wemaëre
Les Jardins artistiques de Drulon Y. Wemaëre