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Le Moulin Fleury Veigne - C. Lazi

Carpe Diem!

Renowned wines, famous specialities, exceptional crafts, towns and villages of character and lodgings of charm: the Centre Region is rich in the treasures that make life a pleasure and your heart feel lighter.

Pleasure and discovery are the key here. Visitors can taste wines, savour local produce, admire crafts skills, stroll through enchanting sites and follow in the footsteps of the famous figures who have delighted in the Region's very special lifestyle over the centuries. And the day draws to a close in a charming room somewhere as you fall asleep with head full of happy memories.

For epicureans the world over, the Centre Region offers a way of life like no other!
Restaurant l'Estocade à Chartres C. Lazi
au marché - C. Mouton