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Chteau de Beauregard, galerie des illustres Henneghien CRT Centre


Kings, queens, writers and artists… Many personalities over the centuries have had close ties with the Centre Region. Whether they were born here, came to settle or were just passing through, they have all made their mark, leaving us a territory rich in places still inhabited by the presence of their famous guests.
Statue équestre de Louis XII
Buste de Ronsard

Here is a gallery of some of the figures who have marked the History of France

Known the world over for its châteaux, the Centre Region has built itself a truly royal reputation. Amboise, Blois, Chambord… all echo to the footsteps of courtiers, queens and kings.
Among them, Charles VII surrounded himself with some of the region's most famous personalities. Before leading him to his coronation, Joan of Arc freed Orleans from its English besiegers, and she has been commemorated ever since in the city on the occasion of the Fêtes Johanniques.
Another exceptional woman was Agnès Sorel, the “Dame de Beauté”, whose remains lie in Loches. She was the king's mistress and there are still doubts surrounding the circumstances of her death.
Jacques Cœur, meanwhile, was the King's financier and the most famous citizen of the city of Bourges.

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Inspired writers and artists

In the Middle Ages, the region saw the creation of the Roman de la Rose, the code of courtly love. Guillaume de Lorris started writing it and Jean de Meung took over from him on his death. It was also in Meung-sur-Loire that poet François Villon was imprisoned two centuries later. Rabelais also felt a strong attachment for Touraine, and Pantagruel, Gargantua and their comrades visited no less than 68 places in the area, while the author sang the praises of the local produce and notably the wine of Chinon, near the house of his birth La Devinière, in Seuilly.

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