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Les cuisines du Chteau de la Fert-Saint-Aubin P. Aucante

Gastronomy and Local Produce

 A hint of inventiveness, a pinch of tradition, a drop of originality and a good measure of know-how: mix it all together and you get the perfect definition of the gastronomy of the Centre Region from the Loire Valley to Berry, Beauce to Sologne. Gourmets coming to the region should prepare for a festival of flavour, for food is a way of life here!
Miel du Gatinais
Fromages AOC

A whole host of specialities on the menu

The mainstay of regional gastronomy is goat's cheese, which comes in five different designations of origin (AOC): the Crottin de Chavignol (round and slightly domed), Sainte-Maure de Touraine (a long cylinder with a straw running through the middle of it), Selles-sur-Cher (with its slightly bluish crust), and finally the two pyramid-shaped cheeses: the Valençay, the tip of which was cut off on the orders of Talleyrand, and the Pouligny-Saint-Pierre which has managed to preserve its pointed top. To this should also be added the Trèfle, the “newcomer” among goat's cheeses, and cow's cheeses such as the Cendré d'Olivet and the Feuille de Dreux.

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