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Bourges C. Mouton CRT Centre

Bourges, an architectural wonder

The capital of the French kingdom in the past, Bourges is a town with many facets. A medieval town which is now very popular for its lively pedestrian streets, its half-timbered houses and its gardens with their springtime feel, Bourges is a major tourist site.

With its architectural masterpieces enhanced by a deep blue light in the summer evenings, Bourges is without a doubt a Town of Art and History.
Saint-Etienne Cathedral, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, and the Palais Jacques-Cœur, symbol of the success of the eponymous Finance Minister to Charles VII, are true marvels which make Bourges a not-to-be-missed town to visit.

La Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Bourges
Le Palais Jacques Coeur

To find out more, go to http://www.bourges-tourisme.com/