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Tous sur le Pont - Harmonie de sherbrooke E. Mangeat

Towns and their people

Amboise P. Cornet CRT Centre www.lovelycities.comBrimming over with charm and character, our six towns will delight you with their picturesque architecture and their authenticity.

Four of them - Orléans, Blois, Amboise and Tours - are set on the banks of Europe's last untamed river, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Cathédrale de Bourges M. Berger

They reflect the history of the kings of France and still have a very close bond with the Loire, which was for a long time France's main economic artery.

Chartres and Bourges also have plenty to interest you! With their cathedrals, also listed as World Heritage, and their pedestrian streets bordered by half-timbered houses, these two medieval towns are absolutely ideal for a stroll.

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