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Weekends discoveries


There are so many opportunities to get away for a weekend... Whether you love nature or castles, food or sport, the Loire Valley is brimming over with activities for you. Look at our suggestions, mix and match, draw up your schedule and browse through the thousand and one attractions of the region! You're bound to stay awhile and fill your basket with suggestions here and there.

Chartres les bords de l'Eure X. Renauld

The charm of the Eure Valley and Chartres

The charm of the Eure Valley and Chartres, a stone's throw from Paris

When you come to the Eure Valley, stop off at Anet to see a royal gift and architectural masterpiece.

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Blois C. Mouton

Blois and the Garden Festival

A weekend to discover the Royal City of Blois and the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival

The favourite residence of the Kings of France, the Royal Château of Blois associates four different periods of French architecture.

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Terrasse à Sancerre C. Mouton

Bourges, Concressault, Sancerre and Briare

Cultural riches in Bourges, Witchcraft at Concressault,  wine and food in Sancerre and nautical pleasures in Briare

Did you know that Bourges, the home of Jacques-Cœur, the great financier of King Charles VII nicknamed the King of Bourges, was once the capital of the kingdom of France?

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Forêt Orléans M. Berger

The Loiret between Loire and forest

From Sully-sur-Loire to Orléans between Loire and forest, the Loiret is a delight

On the banks of the Loire, the Château of the first Duc de Sully, minister of Henri IV, is a fortress surrounded by a moat that still contains water. Enjoy a visit and turn the pages of the history of the Middle Ages.

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La Loire à Vélo L. Savignac

Cycling in Touraine

Take "La Loire à Vélo" from Tours to the gardens of Villandry and the Château of Langeais

The city of Tours, set between the Loire and the Cher, is an invitation to stroll, visit and have fun.

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La Vienne à Chinon P. Cornet

The nature of the Indre, Vienne and Loire valleys

The nature of the Indre, Vienne and Loire valleys

Serenity. That is the word that will come to mind as you discover the landscapes of the Indre Valley.

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La Vallée de la Creuse P. Aucante

Meetings historic valleys of the Indre and Creuse

From Indre to Creuse in the footsteps of a king's mistress, a cross-dressing female novelist and a famous minister who was also a bishop

The elegant citadel of Loches towers above the Indre Valley. Visitors must pass through the Porte Royale to enter the royal city.

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